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James 4:13-17

June 1, 2014
We think we are in control, but are we? Do we really know the future? We can pridefully, foolishly think we are independent, or we can humbly and wisely submit…

James 4:1-10

May 18, 2014
James reaches the pinnacle of his warning against teachers: self-serving quests for authority and control in the church make one a self-idolizing enemy of God. The alternatives are clear: you…

James 3:13-18

May 4, 2014
Who is truly wise in Biblical wisdom? Are we truly wise in Biblical wisdom? Wisdom is revealed in its attitude and its affect on the community of Christ.

James 3:1-12

April 27, 2014
James talks about the evils of the tongue. Is there hope to be free from such filth? There is, but it's not just the hope of a change tongue but…

James 2:14-26

April 20, 2014
Easter is that annual celebration that Christ is alive, but do we really believe that? Do our loves show that we believe that or has the resurrection become empty words…

James 1:22-27

April 6, 2014
We should not just listen to the Word of God but do what it says, not because we have faith in ourselves to put it into practice, but because we…

Dealing with Failure

March 23, 2014
James' audience, in the midst of trial, has encountered failure in those trials, and as they do so, the excuses begin to flow. Perhaps God is tempting them and it's…

The Test of Money

March 16, 2014
The first trial of various kinds which James addresses is money, highlighting the temptation of the poor and the temptation of the rich. In both situations, James question to his…
James begins his book abruptly: Greetings, You are going to suffer in this life. But James encourages us by reminding us that our trials in life have a purpose, a…

Is Faith Worth it?

March 2, 2014
The Israelites are withholding their tithes and offerings because they doubt it's worth it. They aren't getting the return on investment that they want. But the issue isn't just tithing,…